Associazione Italiana Per La Ricerca Industriale

Associazione Italiana Per La Ricerca Industriale (AIRI; Italian Association for Industrial Research) is a not-for-profit representative of a national network of industries and public research institutions, with the mission to promote R&I. Amongst its associates are major R&I industrial players (several multinational) and SMEs covering sectors such as the ICT, nano-microelectronics, pharma & biotech, advanced materials, chemistry, energy, transportation, aeronautics, space. Its division, AIRI/Nanotec IT, is the focal point for nanotechnologies in Italy, with a great part of the players in this field amongst its associates. 

AIRI is a key opinion leader for decision-makers, responsible R&I (RRI) is at the forefront of its action.

AIRI has been involved in a number of EU projects related to RRI, both as coordinator (C) or as partner (P). In FP7: FramingNano (C, governance model for nanotechnologies), NanoCode (C, implementing the EC Code of Conduct on nanotech research), ObservatoryNANO (P, EU observatory on nanotech, WP Leader for regulation&standards). Within these projects it has promoted multi-stakeholders initiatives on RRI (industry, academia, institutions and CSOs).

On a regular basis AIRI undertakes an in-depth study on priority technologies in the Italian industry, coordinating a Working Group of some 100 R&D managers. RRI and Key Enabling Technologies are key aspects considered in the study.

AIRI is co-organizer of the International Conferences NanotechItaly: Promoting Responsible Innovation, the largest event in Italy on nanotechnology and emerging tech, taking place every year.

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