Euclid Network

Euclid Network (EN) is the European network of civil society leaders, rapidly growing community of civil society professionals who want to connect across borders for a stronger, more innovative and sustainable European civil society. EN is a pan-European network working across the EU and the European neighbourhood. Currently it has members in 32 countries as diverse as Ireland, Finland, Azerbaijan, Israel, Egypt, Hungary and Portugal.

EN was launched in 2007 and its community has over 5,000 members, partners and simple contacts civil society practitioners and engaged professionals, mainly from across Europe including Eastern Europe and the whole Mediterranean region. EN empowers the network (through membership and projects) to become the change makers of civil society - challenging the status quo, bringing solutions to the table and fostering collaboration and peer-learning across boundaries.

EN focuses on sector-wide and interlinked challenges that affect all members: Effectiveness; Sustainability; Innovation, and Influence. Within each of these areas they connect and strengthen their members to engage in joint action, for example through joint responses to consultations, or the development of campaigns towards shared lobbying agendas (such as the reform of European


Key Personnel: